My debut EP, Avalon, celebrates its one month anniversary tomorrow on September 6th. I’m extremely overjoyed to know my first project has gotten a couple hundred streams so far; people from pretty much all over the world have streamed it and it’s a very magical feeling to be able to connect with people around the world in this way.

Avalon was written based off personal experiences and is an attempt at using both lyrics and soundscapes to tell an intricate story of love, loss, identity and being through the use of a dream-like escapist/fantasy setting. While the EP is based off many personal experiences it is abstracted from my personal life (and is also based in a bit of fiction) and written to try and form this connection with people, even if they have never experienced the same situations. The EP exists as 5 songs that cyclically repeat.

I had previously shown many of the lyrics and unfinished demos/instrumentals to the Abu Dhabi Writers Club in our sessions, and so the reason I’m posting this here is to let you know that the EP is currently available to stream or buy (links below) and there are a few more things in store for this EP, including a final 6th song meant to break this cycle, and (possibly) a limited CD release.