They told me you’ll be there if I looked intently…deeply…don’t be fooled by the shiny surface, they warned…do not get swayed… I tried…softly…cold-water ripples greet my toes…stones move underneath…underneath my feet…getting…adjusting…they’ve seen this before… So I stayed…  When the moon shines so brightly upon the murky waters…when fireflies know it is time to light the […]


On a misty Sunday morning, I walk in to my balcony, yawning and greeting the day with a coffee. I tune in to the week’s e sports telecast. While the teams are getting ready for the first map, I see a baby dragon fly roaming around. It has an olive-green tail with black spots. For some reason, […]

Please Come Flying

An Invitation after Elizabeth Bishop From half a world away, across an inky ocean, on this fine evening,please come flying.The journey will be long, and the tips of your toeswill sag into the misty clouds, unsolid and hazy.You will forget who you are by the time you are halfway there.But you’ll hear the ocean lull […]


I have no idea if this is true for other writers, but when I sit down to begin, I often start with a little ritual. First I light a candle, the lapsed Catholic in me recognizing the power of setting an intention. But mostly I do it because it smells nice, and the little flicker […]

Foxman Origin

One day there is a dead fox in the road outside the school, all opened up, inside out. Yippee the lollipop lady brandishes her lollipop like a broadsword to keep us away but we crowd around, stopping the traffic. Someone dares Bruce Dunt to touch its splatted guts and he does, but then he uses […]

Familial Issues

The Husband That fat pig! And then they would blame me for being on the booze every day. The old curved exotic body had gone away. If it wasn’t for other young chicks, I’d have died maybe. I like Tina. She is sexy, soft and mushy too. I know I shouldn’t do this but I’m […]


The fingers played gracefully on the keys. My eyes rolled following the clicks. Porcelain, long fingers, extended by vinous painted nails. The forefingers ornamented with bright henna. “Name?” Her voice pinched me. I gazed at her eyes. “Name?” She echoed. I told her while I peered at her grey eye pupil, circled by the darker […]


A Race I’m always late! Green like her eyes … no, they are lighter: greyish a bit. I lost her as usual. The green still far. I push as hard as I can … my job opportunity also, I went 30 minutes behind my interview. It’s getting closer. I must win now. The next one […]


“Yasser … Yasser!” The voice came from the deep well as I’m trying to conquer the darkness to see who was that. It grew louder and clearer. I struggled to separate my stuck eyelids while inside winds shook my head. Light from the window added up to my eye fight. “Yasser!” There she sat on […]

Butterfly paperweight on table. Text: Our Sundays, words by Rawad

Our Sundays

I say it time and again. Every week, this group meets and for every time I am there, I walk away grounded by the experience. It is an auditorium turned in on itself so that the stage is the very seat beneath you. We are both audience and panel, expert in the precise clarity and […]


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