On a misty Sunday morning, I walk in to my balcony, yawning and greeting the day with a coffee. I tune in to the week’s e sports telecast. While the teams are getting ready for the first map, I see a baby dragon fly roaming around. It has an olive-green tail with black spots. For some reason, I have a soft corner for dragonflies among insects. It is trying to fly out of the balcony but is unable to comprehend what glass is. Tapping its proportionally large head against the glass relentlessly, it is not able to find its way to the open window. While taking in that scene, a memory washes over me of when I was a child. Friends had tied a string to the tail of an adult red dragonfly, to play with as a kite. In that memory, I felt irked at the poor creature’s plight! Scoundrels! fiends! How are those people so heartless? My subconscious slaps me off my high horse with another memory, whoosh!! I remember squatting down on the grass, singe-ing ants with a magnifying glass, gleefully to my heart’s content on a lazy late summer morning. Seeing myself on two extremes of a sentiment sent me for a toss. Is this how our personality manifests? A dice roll of situation and preference? How did I get to this existential dread from seeing this little dragonfly?

When I snapped out of that tangent, I realised my favourite team just got slaughtered by teenagers with potato PCs. What a disgrace! I divert my attention back to this bouncing dragonfly, might as well be of some use. I want to save it from its own incomprehensible limbo. As soon as I grab it by its tail, it instinctively tries to free itself from my pinch and wildly scratches at my thumb. Little did the fellow know, this freaks out this Colossus. In my haste, with an expression on my face that’ll make Picasso proud, I yeet it out of the open window. Once it got its bearing straight, it gets on its way zipping around as dragonflies do. A sense of satisfaction fills me with growing grin knowing I’ve set it on the path for the rest of it’s ….. Aaand a crow just swoops in and snatches it mid-air. My heart sinks, my eyes momentarily roll back in to my head, and I die inside a teensy little bit. Internalising to always think twice before helping someone, I head inside seeking a much-needed hug!!