When I Go

It was wonderful; it broke me
It was excruciatingly joyful; it built me
Would you remember this when I go?

My nomad mind plays, entangled, with sweeping winds of wondering souls
naively unaware of the piercing nostalgic whispers visiting in dark of the night
My fleeting heart fights with gleeful swords of  deeply-rooted yearnings of togetherness calls
blissfully unaware of invisible struggles, in shadows of tumultuous muds, in broad daylight
Would you remember this when I go?

Did you not bear witness to the nimble dances of fate’s bullets ingrained on our tracks, 
to the gushing streams of memories crescendoing in the roaring waterfalls of our history?
Did you not take an oath on the iron-cast shields of friendships engraved on our backs,
to the relentless tireless worrier maidens, knee-deep in the pleading dawns of loyalty
Would you remember this when I go?

Forget-me-nots embrace our immortal memories of tears, and decorate our smiles that warmed the hearth
Gentle giant shoulders to cry on until our aches were healed, until our lost steps were found
Passion-flowers climb up vivaciously around our eternal bonds of love and wrap protectively their evergreens on our new growth
Strong intertwined vines to lean on gently protect us from falling onto the forever moving ground
Would you remember this when I go?

I will remember you as your essence jumps and bounces with child-like carefree excitement, racing to meet me, way long before you do
I will remember a past build on unconditional parameters I truly did not know, did you?
I will remember me as the paper willingly burning, raging under the big clear glass lens, crackling under the blistering sunny dew 
I will remember a  future designed to be lived full of promise, love and no regret, full of galaxies that would forever glow, will you?
Would you remember this of me? Of you? 

For it is all that will remain for me, and of me, when I go…