Familial Issues

The Husband

That fat pig! And then they would blame me for being on the booze every day. The old curved exotic body had gone away. If it wasn’t for other young chicks, I’d have died maybe. I like Tina. She is sexy, soft and mushy too. I know I shouldn’t do this but I’m burnt with temptation. Selina only deserves the spanking. Living in this shit hole always makes me mad and I can only be calmed by smashing the cow’s huge back bags with my bat. I need another glass of this, but why does it taste so bitter tonight?! 

The Wife

I lost all meanings long time ago! Only for my daughter I bore the drunk scumbag! How many times I’ve tried? Neighbours intervened with no avail. Relatives arranged reconciliations in vain. I even took him to a marriage therapist. My life has gone for a nil. The only sunshine in my life is my little princess, I mean she’s not little anymore but for me, she will always be the tiny braided sweet apple! Yes, her cheeks have been always like apples, till three months ago. Everything changed. She became a grapefruit in looks and taste. I must do something!

The Daughter

My dad was always my play haven. He’d always take me to the park, join me in seesaw and swing me. My mom was hard. I can’t even remember she kissed me once! I called her the general. My father kindness fell into a well of liquor after losing his job. First, he isolated himself, then he turned to a cruel nocturnal creature. His tender touches became evil without me noticing! I didn’t cry seeing him sprawled on the floor lifeless; but I always sob when I remember my mother’s words after her arrest “I did this for you, Tina”.