Sensual World

I whisper softly to your ear as it tingles with the smooth sultry sound of my voice. The bright light of the moon gazing upon the Earth approaches, embracing its cool chilly breeze that signals the night.

“Could we hide under the sheets for the moment?” I ask him in bed, seeking cover from the snow-spangled night’s cold.

He obliges and we both get under the thick sheets draping us in stripes and polka dots. He touches my arm, moving his fingers down to my fragile bony fingers, devoid of any heat. Slowly but surely, I feel the warmth of his body washing over mine, sharing our heat. In this moment I am his alone to be adorned, like a schoolgirl decorating her dolls.

“Wait. I have a gift for you. I know you well – you’ll like it.” He says, gazing upon me with his piercing hazel eyes. “It’s on the table right next to the door.

I walk there and open the gift. It’s a steak knife. Quite large if I may say so but certainly not compensating for anything I lack.

I begin to hear someone coming close. They start to open the door. Marcus snakes back into the sheets, a small grin upon his face. I look back at him, smiling purposefully.

The door opens. The rest all happens in a blur, but it is not any less bloody than our previous kills.