I heard the thunder,
I saw the lightning,
When my eyes locked with yours
I swear the universe exploded for a second.
I longed to trace those lips with my own,
To feel your breath on my neck,
To have those hands leave caresses
that would tingle my skin by just their memory,
To know your scent,
and let it haunt me to my deathbed.
To hold you is not enough,
I must have you, mind, body, soul.
Sweet whisperings are not enough,
Drive me wild with words.
Feeling love is not enough,
possess me whole.
Oh you have me transfixed,
so why do you make me do this?
Let me have it all, why won’t you?
Pin you down and slap you hard,
Tender kisses on the scars.
There’s never a moment’s peace,
Its ecstatic, its dark,
But if its not wild, its not right,
Isn’t that what they say?
Oh when you smile,
I melt to a puddle.
But how do I not take you on my knees,
And hear your cry with every blow,
When you would keep that love from me.
I’d bring the moon,
I’d get the stars,
I’d write sonnets on your scars.
But take your love away,
And darling,
I’ll tear your world apart.