I am a dying star
My heart is collapsing
And I am about to explode

My death will bring about the end of life
For I am the giver of life
And nothing will save my children now

But do not feel bad for me
My death will bring life as swiftly as it ends it
Countless civilisations created of my remains

Everything must eventually cease to exist
And I breathe my last breath
In a flash of light it all ends

Damn human frailty!
I’m leaking
Should have done more Kegel
When everything was working.
Lost my libido somewhere
Years and miles away.
I feel frustrated
‘Cause I can’t read without my glasses.
Damn human frailty!

I can sense the ending.
‘Some day’ has lost any meaning
As that day might not arrive
And only Today is real,
Though even that is not sure-
Maybe today’s just a blip
Lost in Netflix and dirty dishes.

You bloom so elegantly yet patiently
Like bonsai beginning to find its roots
But you are still so delicate, filled with fragility
And when you decay the world loses a piece of itself too…