Leaving Hell

A place I’ve grown to love or hate
I don’t know anymore
When you stay here long enough
You lose all that defines you to the very core

I took the stairs to Heaven and met God at the Pearly Gates
I held his hand and looked down upon the world he did create
Bit by bit I felt the soul I once had coming back to my body
Pieces of the person I once was, recollections of my memories
I finally found the meaning in life, now that I am no longer alive
And it is beautiful, and there is so much to it that I missed

Ten thousand years since I had passed
And people still remember me
Ten thousand eulogies still last
And I am not just a memory

So I say to this old beast of misery
“Begone, accursed complacency,
and shake the bowels of Hell
with the very name you used to call me!
As you scream out the fugitive denizen
is no longer in your realm indeed!
For I am now in Heaven and I have now
Released myself from the clutches of thee!”