A Race

I’m always late! Green like her eyes … no, they are lighter: greyish a bit. I lost her as usual. The green still far. I push as hard as I can … my job opportunity also, I went 30 minutes behind my interview. It’s getting closer. I must win now. The next one I hesitated for long till it was taken, and here I am in a shitty work, lonely and cold at night. It blinks. The pointer is at the prefixed maximum. It turns to mustard. I’m gonna do it. Red! An intense light flashes the car to daylight. I’m fined.


When we were young, we used to wait for the rainbow

We would climb among the shrubs to where it would show

That we did when the rain fell, though it was rare

And we would all yell, in awe up there

When we would see the gate of colours

We’d feel the world was ours

And though it was hazy after the rain

We could see all the paint

Yellow, red, orange, indigo, green, violet and blue

Not in this order; but we distinguished every hue

Nowadays, not only when it rains; it’s always hazy

We can’t identify white from black, it’s crazy

Only shades of grey, a hundred of them

Vagueness became to be the emblem

And even the rainbow has been inset in a debate

Some people love and some people hate

Some see it freedom, others see it obscene

Can’t we just let this and enjoy the scene

I really wonder if we can set the colours apart

and regain our happiness at heart

The White Dress

For years, she has been dreaming of the white dress, coloured lights and dancing. When her daughter brought her that guy, she was shocked. He has just been graduated and was struggling financially. They opted for a no wedding marriage. She rebuffed. She destroyed the whole thing. She knew what was right for her daisy; but the daisy thawed. She was sure this would go eventually. She searched piles of hay for the golden needle. The dress was perfect the night before; but the girl became whiter than it. Now, alone at home, she was whining in a black dress.